Dec 13 2023

Oh, Brother (or Sister)!

New article that captures the essence of sibling relationships and their challenges.
Dec 6 2023

Is It Sibling Rivalry or Sibling Abuse?

Sibling victimization, “the forgotten abuse,” is three times more common than school bullying and it often leads to estrangement in adulthood.
Nov 20 2023

15 Tips for the Estranged to Cope with the Holidays

How to navigate negative emotions, seasonal hype, and family events.
Nov 4 2023

Why Black Families Feel Intensely the Stigma of Estrangement

Chimére L. Sweeney, an advocate for Black women and founder of The Black Long Covid Experience, explains why Blacks may not want to admit they have estranged relatives -- especially to whites.
Nov 3 2023

Huff Post features FSC in article about sibling rivalry

Here's how to mend a sibling rivalry that's lasted into adulthood.
Oct 10 2023

New study finds half of LGBTQ are estranged from family

"When I came out to my parents, the rejection hit me so badly I could barely get out of bed most mornings in college..."

Can narcissism be identified in children?

  "Once you see it," one woman says, "you can't unsee it."     photo credit: Ibrahem Bana

My mother’s German synagogues today…

  In my mother’s town, Stockstadt am Rhein, two Jewish families had lived among 2,000 people for centuries. On the Sabbath, my 98-year-old mother remembers that her family walked to synagogues in Biebesheim or Erfelden to worship with other Jews who lived in towns along the Rhein River. Decades after the Holocaust, all that remains of Jewish life in these two towns are the synagogue buildings. In 1988, fifty years ...

Five Ways the Sibling Dynamic Reappears in Adult Relationships

Sibling therapist Karen Gail Lewis, Ph.D. explains how the sibling dynamic can appear in partner relationships, friendships, even co-worker interactions.  

Can family members reconcile without discussing their issues?

There are no hard and fast rules on how to reconcile after estrangement.