School service learning projects make a difference in communities!

  • June 15, 2024
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Have you heard about service learning? It’s an innovative educational approach where students take on classroom projects that make a real difference in their communities.

In my book, “Middle School Sleuths,” eighth-graders at Madison Junior High School completely altered the lives of two 86-year-old Holocaust refugees. The students reunited the two best friends 72 years after their long-ago immigration journey. The two unaccompanied minors, who became inseparable on the ship from Nazi Germany to America, lost touch with each other in 1938.

Through hard work, compassion, and determination, students helped these best friends find each other again in 2011. The two women were able to resume their friendship, giving each other comfort, love, and support during the last years of their lives.

“Middle School Sleuths” not only tells the incredible story of this reunion, but it also showcases the power of service learning projects. By connecting classroom lessons with real-world applications, students learn invaluable life skills, empathy, and the importance of community.

Dive into this heartwarming and inspiring story, and see how the actions of young minds can make a world of difference. Perfect for educators, students, and anyone who believes in the transformative potential of education.

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