Edith meets middle school students after a presentation.

Stolpersteine in Stockstadt am Rhein to memorialize Edith and Fern's family. FSC tells the story of the installation in her new book, STUMBLING ON HISTORY.

Childhood immigration friends, Edith Westerfeld and Gerda Katz, hug in 2011 after 8th graders located and reunite them. They hadn't seen each other in 73 years.

FSC's latest book will be released in 2017.

Edith tells her life story at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie, IL

Edith's childhood home

Last photo taken of the Westerfeld Family before Edith was sent to America in 1938.

Gerda (left) and Edith's (right) passport photos

The cover of Motherland

The cover of the German edition for Motherland

The cover of the Dutch edition of Motherland

The cover of "Is It Night or Day?"

Fern (right) and her mother, Edith, when they began their journey in 1991

More than fifty years after their last meeting, childhood friends Mina Lautenschlager and Edith Westerfeld were reunited at Mina's home in 1990

As a child, Edith considered the storks that roosted in the bell tower of the Town Hall her pets. The Germans called them dirty and chased them away. For fifty years the birds did not return. But in 1999, the storks came back to Stoclstadt, building this nest in the forest preserve.

Gerda (left) and Edith (right) reunited 73 years after they last saw each other in 1938