New series gently introduces young readers to Holocaust

  • March 22, 2024
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A series that gently introduces young readers to the Holocaust!
These remarkable personal stories inspire and inform as they introduce young readers to this important chapter in history and its long reach!
Ideal for middle-school discussions on moral guidance, citizenship, and historical responsibility, the books in the Legacy of the Holocaust series use photographs, texts, and historical documents to cultivate empathy in readers.
* Middle School Sleuths shows how an 8th-grade class reunited two Holocaust refugees 72 years after they had immigrated together (featured on Oprah).
* In Facing the Past, readers will witness the 2014 installation of memorial stones for one family, as residents in their ancestral town face their Holocaust history.
* Three Stars in the Night Sky captures how one Jewish family escaped Nazi Germany through a little-known program. This book reflects the dislocating trauma of the immigrant experience.

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