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Brothers, Sisters, Strangers
Brothers, Sisters, Strangers

Welcome to my new blog! Here, you can freely discuss your challenges with sibling relationships. If you would like, I will not use your name to protect your privacy.

My interest in this topic is rooted in my personal story; my older brother and I didn't talk to each other for most of my adult life. Over time, we did reconcile, and I captured that journey in my book, Brothers, Sisters, Strangers: Sibling Estrangement and the Road to Reconciliation.

For years, I've wondered about the nature of sibling relationships and, in particular, when and how they break down, cut off, or enter the territory of estrangement. How do sibling estrangement and reconciliation define an individual?

Here, I hope to give others the opportunity to explore this underacknowledged topic, which many experts call "epidemic." Like me, you may find it helpful to think through these issues; writing a post for this blog may provide a useful structure to begin to do so. Writing is therapeutic and capturing stories in words benefits both the writer and the reader. In fact, I have created a writing workbook, The Sibling Estrangement Journal: A Guided Exploration of Your Experience through Writing, offering you a private, emotional outlet to understand and process the grief of sibling estrangement.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

For those who are seeking personal life coaching, I offer private sessions to discuss estrangement, reconciliation, and family relations. Please email me at to discuss details. Thanks for participating and posting.

Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir spotlights sibling bullying

In his new memoir, Spare, Prince Harry reveals a pattern of behavior during his youth in which his brother, Prince William, routinely ignored, rejected, or bullied Zuiderpark, Den Haag. 09 mei 2019Prins Harry stapte de Invictus Games 2020 officieel af. Vanaf nu, over een jaar mei 2020 zijn de Invictus Games 2020 in het Zuiderpark te Den Haag en Eindhoven.Foto: Boogschieten is helemaal niet moeilijk, Prins Harry kan het ook! ...

So many families are living with estrangement

New blog post explores the reasons why so many are estranged. * Recent polls show that roughly a fourth of those surveyed are not speaking to a member of their family. * The family is undergoing some of the most rapid changes in history, and that has contributed to estrangements. * A poll in October 2022 found that nearly one in five voters report that politics upset their friendships ...

Author featured in HuffPost article about family estrangement and politics

“A blunt social media post, a slip on the family text thread, a careless remark during a holiday celebration — the smallest offense can shatter a sibling bond made brittle by intense political partisanship.” - FERN SCHUMER CHAPMAN, AUTHOR OF “BROTHERS, SISTERS, STRANGERS: SIBLING ESTRANGEMENT AND THE ROAD TO RECONCILIATION"

USAToday article on sibling estrangement quotes author

The Anguish of Not Knowing Why A Sibling Cuts You Off

Without understanding the reason for a cutoff, shunned siblings feel their reality and emotions are invalidated. They are rendered voiceless. #silenttreatment #silence #siblings #family #cutout

Families often gaslight to project “perfect” holiday gathering

An ongoing family dynamic of toxic positivity and avoidance leads to superficial relationships that may devolve into distance and estrangement. Photo credit: Askar Abayev/Pexels

Public Radio stations feature interview with my formerly estranged brother and me

After decades of estrangement, my brother and I did an interview about our reconciliation with a North Carolina pubic radio station. Other public radio stations around the country are running the story during the holidays.

Men and Women Handle Sibling Estrangement Differently

Men often avoid discussing their pain, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer.

A mother of twins asks, “How do I get my son to open up to his sister?”

i totally agree with you. Men have been socialized to be "strong and silent", no emotion, etc. [This is a reference to the post, "Men and Women Handle Sibling Estrangement Differently." ] My twins, boy and girl, age 40, had a falling out. I don't know why cause they won't say. My daughter will talk about issues, her brother doesn't almost never. When he does, he'll do it in ...

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