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  • May 2, 2010
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From Library Media Connection:

(STARRED) Is It Night or Day?

“…This book is an exceptional story of survival and devotion to homeland. The author’s note and afterword contain inspiring information about the background and reasoning behind this book. Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl and this book would be great companions for showing how children’s lives were affected by the Holocaust. This is a wonderful study of the Holocaust in a way that young readers will understand. Highly Recommended. Jo Drudge,

From School Library Journal:

“…The author has ‘given voice’ to her mother, Edith Westerfeld, in this fictionalized account of her immigration experience. In doing so, Chapman has created an engaging, memoir-like novel.” Wendy Scalfaro, G. Ray Bodley High School, Fulton, NY

From Sweet on Books (http://sweetonbooks.com/):

“This book has my trifecta for good literature: it is really well-written, the story may be Edith’s but the result is universal, and, finally, the story is so compelling you can’t put the book down.”

• This is a powerful and important book, to be read by young adults and adults alike.
• It is a work of historical fiction, based on the author’s mother’s story of immigrating to America during the Holocaust.
• This is a heavy book, so take your child’s maturity into consideration. I would say fifth grade is the absolute youngest who should be reading this, and a mature fifth grader at that, and not without lots of conversation.
• This should not be limited to Holocaust units only, this story is universal to all immigrants.

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