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  • September 22, 2010
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From Children’s Readers Advisory

“In this day and age when immigration is a hot button issue for so many people, it is important to remember the suffering from which people are trying to escape. Fern Schumer Chapman tells a story based on her mother’s journey to America during the Nazi’s rise to power in Germany. .. a painful, but important book for a young person to read.”

From Mrs. Book-in-Hand reading blog:

“Need a good historical fiction book? This is one of the best that I have read in a long time…I think kids will find this book just as moving as the story of Anne Frank.”


From Kidslit:

“Chapman’s writing is beautiful. It captures the feeling of loss, the desperation of loneliness, and the small moments that help one survive…A gut-wrenchingly personal view of historical events, readers will feel connected to Edith and her plight very deeply. Appropriate for ages 9-12, this book would do well as a class read aloud for learning about World War II from a unique perspective. Get this into the hands of children who enjoy historical fiction…”


From Young Adult Reviewers of Southern California:

“An excellent coming of age story of a twelve years old Jewish girl leaving her hometown Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany and seeking a new life in America.”


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