Thoughts about 'Motherland' from Mauritius

  • January 5, 2011
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Mauritius, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa in the southwest Indian Ocean

Hi Fern,

While reading the story of your mother I kept on seeing my husband’s mom who passed away just a few years ago! So many similarities that is is almost shocking!! She too left Europe on the kindertransport when she was 12 yrs old. She went to the UK and was taken in by the Catholics who actually helped her escape although she was not a Catholic. My husband and his sister would say the same things that you write about in the book…their mother was an enigma as there were so many parts of her life she never wanted to talk about. She would talk with us and then suddenly…stare into space, and be lost to us!! She remained a person with many gaps in her past until her death. My husband’s questions and emotions are so similar to yours and I realize that you all were victims too!! Thank you for writing this book, wish we could’ve done the same for her!! My husband’s father’s father was one of the boat people escaping Europe and deported to Mauritius where he passed away, and where we live right now (work). Many blessings and shalom to you! xxxx

Anette Lenk and her husband, Roger, in Mauritius

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