Students respond to “N or D”

  • March 21, 2013
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FSC at Thompson Middle School
FSC at Thompson Middle School

After a visit to Thompson Middle School in St. Charles, Illinois, 8th graders sent me these comments:

“…I am a huge fan! I think that Edith is super brave and amazing.” Jessica

Is It Night or Day? really opened my eyes because you went on with your life without your parents and your own family. People don’t see that they have wonderful parents and they treat them really bad…You have inspired me to keep going with my life even though I lost my uncle in a car crash…You showed me that even though you lose the most important thing in your life, you have to keep moving with life.” Suly

“I sometimes feel out of place at school, too. Just like you were different from other children because you’re German, I have Type 1 Diabetes and sometimes feel apart or separate. Your story helped me see that even though I’m different, we are different and special in our own way.” – Emma





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