Stockstadt decides to lay stumbling stones to memorilize my grandparents

  • September 12, 2013
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Here is part of the article that ran in the German newspaper, RIED ECHO, on September 12, 2013:

MUNICIPALITY PARLIAMENT Stockstädter decides to lay stumbling blocks against forgetting

STOCKSTADT. The Community Council decided Tuesdget-attachmentay that Stumbling Stones will be laid in memory of those deported during the Nazi regimes.

Bürgermeister Thomas Ra Herschel (CDU) had expected a controversial discussion in April, but his the Council voted in unity. No voice was raised against the resolution proposed in the community of nearly 6000 inhabitants – as well as in many other places in the county at large Gerau to lay stumbling blocks against forgetting.


Even in the committee meetings, this voting pattern became apparent.


Here is what the mayor of Stockstadt told the Community Council:
“A good working memory is a prerequisite for the mastery of the present.
The memory of the victims is also a public responsibility. The almost -forgotten private suffering of our missing neighbors can now be preserved in public, the silence will be broken about the past, the future can be designed jointly.”

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