• The Return of Happy Harper Thursdays

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    In this sequel to Happy Harper Thursdays, Harper finally sees her grandmother again, now that a vaccine is available for the “nasty bug” that kept them apart. But, instead of feeling happy and excited, Harper is angry at Mama Fern because she stayed away for so many months.

  • The Sibling Estrangement Journal

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    A companion guide to Brothers, Sisters, Strangers to help you make peace with your sibling relationship. Sibling estrangement often carries profound hurt, grief, and a deep stigma.

  • Brothers, Sisters, Strangers

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    A warm, empathetic guide to understanding, coping with, and healing from the unique pain of sibling estrangement.

  • Motherland

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    Kirkus called this mother-daughter memoir “an outstanding portrait of the painful postwar waltz of Germans, their victims, and their victims’ victims.”

  • Is it Night or Day?

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    This historical novel, a Junior Library Guild selection based upon the childhood immigration experience of the author’s mother, explores immigration and identity through a little-known American program that rescued 1,400 youngsters from the Holocaust.

  • Middle School Sleuths

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    Through photographs and historical documents, this book tells the story of how compassionate eighth-graders reunited two Holocaust refugees.

  • Facing the Past

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    Through text and graphics, this Junior Library Guild selection chronicles the author and her mother’s return to Germany for the installation of a memorial for their family.

  • Three Stars in the Night Sky

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    A Junior Library Guild selection, this story of family separation — told through text, historical documents, and photographs — reflects the trauma and excruciating loneliness many unaccompanied minor immigrants experience.

  • Happy Harper Thursdays

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    A picture book to help children understand why they can’t see their beloved grandparents during the pandemic.When people who love each other can’t be together, it’s heartbreaking. And when a child is too young to understand a sudden, prolonged cut-off from a beloved relative or friend, everyone hurts.