New Good Reads review identifies my concerns… (see bold)

  • July 19, 2014
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Good Reads Review of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY?

This is a very, very good book! It is historical fiction based on the life of the author’s mother. It begins in a small town in Nazi Germany where we meet Edith just before her family sends her off to live in Chicago. She is going to be living with an uncle she has not met before; and although her sister is also living in Chicago, she won’t be close enough to be part of her everyday life. The story follows Edith as she has moments of fear, of strength, of hopefulness, of despair, and of growing up.The story is written very well. It covers an aspect of WWII that we don’t often read about – the hundreds of children sent abroad alone as their parents tried to save them from the Nazis. This story is beautifully written and haunting – especially in light of the refugees fleeing in Africa and those crossing our borders from Central America.(less)

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