New edition of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY with new cover and new Author’s Note

  • July 13, 2022
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New edition of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY? with new cover and new Author’s note. My mother’s story of childhood immigration is more relevant than ever, as parents in our war-torn world are forced to rip their families apart and send their children away to safety.

In the 1930s and 40s, Lutherans, Quakers, and Jewish groups organized a program that used cruise ships to rescue Jewish children in Nazi-occupied countries. This effort saved about 1,400 youngsters —mostly unaccompanied minors — who are now known as the “One Thousand Children.” My mother was among those saved. The Nazis murdered 1.5 million children in concentration camps.

The cover photo captures some of the One Thousand Children as they approached the Statue of Liberty.

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