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  • March 3, 2011
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The memories keep you awake

Berce Kahraman (foreground) and classmates carry copies of 'Mutterland' -- a gift from the German Society to Preserve Jewish Culture to Russelsheim schools

03.03.2011 – RÜSSELSHEIM

Von Tobias Riedl

The German Foundation to Preserve Jewish Culture brings the story of Holocaust survivors to schools

“It is important to us to introduce the Holocaust in Rüsselsheims’ schools to get people talking,” says Dr. Bärbel Maul, a board member of the Foundation. Therefore, the Foundation offered the Rüsselsheim secondary schools, the book “Mutterland. Nach dem Holocaust – Eine Tochter fordert die Erinnerung zurück“ (Motherland) at a significantly reduced price.

Euro NOCAP Publisher Christel Göttert (the German publisher of Mutterland) sold the books to the Foundation. Dr. Maul said at the handing over of books on Tuesday that this partnership “heralded a long and intense cooperation…”

The book is about Edith Westerfeld, who was sent in 1938 as a twelve year old to relatives in America, shortly before the murder of her parents by the Nazis. She escaped the death camps, but was completely uprooted. Decades later, she returned to Germany with her daughter, the journalist and author Fern Schumer Chapman…

Peter cross Bach, head of the Werner-Heisenberg School wants to teach he story in politics and history classes. Eventually, the students will have a week of projects dealing with the book.

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