Letters from Norton (MA) Middle School students…

  • May 6, 2011
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“In English, we read your book, Is It Night or Day? and I was really touched by it. My family came to America because of Jewish persecution in Russia so the book really did touch me. By the end of the book, I was sobbing.”

“When Tiddy had expressed her own feelings after she had been teased and bullied at school and yelled at at home, I realized just how bad yelling, bullying and name calling can make someone feel.”

“Even though I’m only 12, I have been through quite a lot including two brain surgeries and radiation, and I try hard not to complain, but every once in a while I have to let it out. Your book reminded me that even though my life is hard at times, I know everything could be a lot worse, and I am actually a really lucky person. Even though I am not completely healthy, I have my parents to comfort. I get to spend holidays with my whole family. have friends over. I get to go places without having to worry about someone coming over and beating me because of my religion. I may think at times that things couldn’t get any worse, but your book inspires me to keep moving forward and stay positive.”

“Before hearing your story, I never thought about everyday things in life that I should appreciate. I knew my family was special, but that they love and take care of me is the greatest feeling I could ever ask for. When I realized all the things Tiddy went through, I remembered that thousands of other people did too. I was moved by your writing and all of Tiddy’s feelings.”

“Your novel changed the way I look at things. I will no longer take things for granted, even if it’s just the ability to swim in a public pool or go for a walk in the park,”

“Your book has changed the way I feel and act. I feel grateful for what I have and don’t expect anything more than I own. I act nicer and friendlier towards my family and friends. Also, I show more appreciation of what they all do for me. . . Your book was absolutely amazing and if it could change a middle schooler, it could change everyone.”

“Wow, your book really had an effect on my life…It brought out emotions in me that I never knew I could have from reading a book.”

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