New reviews offer kind words

  • December 9, 2010
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Virginia Beach Public Library Recommends blog

“I liked the story line’s simplicity and how it captured the emotional struggle of those affected by the Holocaust. Youth and teen readers should appreciate this book for its authentic and sincere depiction of the times during this tragic period in history.

American Jewish World (August 20, 2010)

“With vivid imagery, heart-wrenching emotion and potent first-person narration, Schumer Chapman tells her mother’s unique Holocaust story in a way that evokes both empathy and hopefulness for Edith’s journey, losses and future.

“The 200-page novel is geared towards younger readers, but it is also a wonderful quick read for interested adults. It It Night or Day? is a great story for younger teens who are beginning to grasp the gravity of the Holocaust, but who are not ready to deal with the gruesome images of concentration camps…captivating story.”

Anchorage Schools Review

“This is a story of strength and courage. The afterward is a must-read and is very informative.”

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