JW: 'the struggles of every immigrant child'

  • March 30, 2010
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“…Chapman illuminates the struggles of every immigrant child in a fictionalized account of her own mother’s experiences. Sent out of Germany at age 12 in 1938, Edith goes to live with an uncle’s family in the U.S. Her aunt, though happy to have the stipend the family receives for hosting her niece, treats her like a servant, not a relative; she is an outsider at school and must register as an enemy alien. Edith’s only joy rests in following the career of baseball legend Hank Greenberg.

“Until she was 77, Chapman’s mother did not know that she had been part of a rescue operation organized by Lutherans, Quakers and Jews that ultimately saved 1,200 children. In this work of historical fiction, Chapman, the author of an acclaimed memoir, Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust, A Daughter’s Journey to Reclaim the Past, gives a voice to her mother and other Holocaust survivors.”

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