Growing recognition of the 1,000 children

  • November 16, 2010
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One Thousand Children

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One Thousand Children refers to approximately 1400 mostly Jewish children who were rescued from Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied or threatened countries by entities and individuals within the United States of America, who specifically came unaccompanied without their parent(s). The experiences of one such girl, based on a true account, was published by Fern Schumer Chapman with the book Is It Night or Day? The term also refers to the non-profit research and education organization One Thousand Children (OTC) whose primary purpose is to explore and document this little known segment of American history.

Rescue effort

While a generation of 1.5 million children perished in the Holocaust, over one thousand children were brought to America in quiet operations designed to avoid attention from isolationist and anti-Semitic forces. These children:

  • came from Europe to the United States mainly from 1934 through 1945;
  • were aged from fourteen months old through the age of sixteen;
  • arrived unaccompanied, leaving their parents behind, and
  • were then placed with foster families, schools and facilities across the U.S.

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