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  • May 5, 2010
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In 1988, fifty years after Kristallnacht, “Night of Broken
Glass,” churches marked the mournful occasion by creating a “Night of
Remembrance.” Services were held, candles lit, names of survivors and
escapees read at memorials and churches. During those ceremonies, many
church leaders asked elder members if they remembered the Jews who once
lived in their towns.

A grass-roots movement emerged and Germans began to research the Jewish
families who once lived in the area, restore the local synagogues, and
create organizations formed at that time to remember the Jews and
their contributions in Germany.

In 2004, when I received an award for my first book, one such organization,
“The German Society to Preserve Jewish Culture," sent one of its members to
attend the ceremony. This organization also helped find a publisher for the
German edition, Mutterland.

Now, the Society is wishing me well on my new book.
Here is the email I received from one of its members:

Dear Fern,

Greetings and congratulations from your friend Christa, living in "Motherland"-
Stockstadt, and from all friends and members from the Förderverein für jüdische
Geschichte und Kultur in the region/area from Riedstadt and Landkreis
Groß-Gerau. (The German Society to Preserve Jewish Culture in the cities and counties
neighboring my mother's hometown, Stockstadt.)

We are so thankful for your work. I am sure, it means healing for Edith and
peace in the hearts of the more than 1000 "children" reading your new book!

Wishing you all the best for your work and reading.
Your publications open doors. Don't stop writing.

Big hug,

Pictured here: In 2009, my German friend, Christa Schreck, showed
my American friend, Bob Konrardy (and his wife, Maggie), around my
mother's home town in Germany.

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