Classroom projects for 'Is It Night or Day?'

  • December 16, 2010
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The complete list of projects is available to download on the home page of this website:
Here are the first four project ideas for teachers:

* Edith Westerfeld is a child immigrant, a young girl whose parents sent her to the United States in 1938 in order to avoid the terrible persecution against Jews in Nazi Germany. Immigration is never an easy thing to do. Create a poster or computer-generated project that shows some of the difficulties Edith experienced in America.

* Imagine that the Department of State has asked you to design a poster or brochure that the United States will give to each child immigrant coming into the United States. This poster or brochure will show, in words and art, what it means to be an American. Your task is to design such a poster, brochure, or power-point presentation.

* Create a “Then and Now” poster/brochure/chart/computer-generated project that shows what a child immigrant should “give up” or change in order to have a successful immigration into the United States.

* Many child immigrants are terribly confused by the English language. Not only is English difficult to learn, but some of the slang, figurative expressions, and vocabulary used by young Americans are perplexing as well. Create a “dictionary” that includes important words and phrases a young immigrant must learn in order to have a successful immigration to America.

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