New edition of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY with new cover and new Author’s Note

New edition of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY? with new cover and new Author's note. My mother's story of childhood immigration is more relevant than ever, as parents in our war-torn world are forced to rip their families apart and send their children away to safety. In the 1930s and 40s, Lutherans, Quakers, and Jewish groups organized a program that used cruise ships to rescue Jewish children in Nazi-occupied countries. ...

Today is the last chance to stream the new play, MOTHERLAND

For those who have seen the play, here is the REAL Countess's tea set! Today is the last day to see the new play, MOTHERLAND. It is streaming today, May 26, at 11:30, 2:00 and 7:30 CST. For tickets, go to:

Buy tickets now for the Zoom theatre production of “Motherland”

  Chicago Writers’ Bloc celebrates 30th Anniversary with Benefit and 2022 New Play Festival CHICAGO - Chicago Writers’ Bloc announced that it will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a benefit and staged readings of 10 new works presented as part of its 2022 New Plays Festival, running May 23 to June 14 at the Raven Theater, 6157 N. Clark St. in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. The festival will launch with a ...

Tickets are now available for the Zoom production of Motherland, the play

I lived it, and now I am re-living it on the "stage". You can, too! :) Actors Diane Dorsey and Suzy Brack (below) are Edith and Fern in the play. Tickets are now available for the Zoom production of Motherland. Diane Dorsey is cast as Edith (my mother) and Suzy Brack will play me.

My mother’s beloved storks return to her hometown in Germany

For fans of MOTHERLAND and my mom, Edith Westerfeld Schumer… My dear German friend sent me these photos this morning. My mother's beloved storks have just returned to Stockstadt. When my mother was a child, she would say good-bye to the birds in the fall when they migrated to Africa. Every spring, she would wait for them to return. She could recognize some of the birds and she even named them. ...

How “Is It Night or Day?” got its title…

When I was writing the story of my mother's immigration journey as an unaccompanied minor, I read an article in the New York Times about the orphaned children in the Sudanese Civil War. Fleeing tribal warfare and animal attacks, the "Lost Boys" camped out, subsisting on rationed corn mush and lentils. Many died of starvation and thirst. The article featured "three bone-thin African boys" who had the good fortune of ...

World Read Aloud Day reminds us that reading together eases pain and alienation…latest blog on

World Read Aloud Day is a greater reminder of the value of reading together. Here, I consider how my Happy Harper picture books about the separation of grandparents and grandchildren during the pandemic might help little ones understand their confusing emotions. Even my mother, who suffered with profound Holocaust losses when she was a child, might have felt less alone if someone had taken the time to read aloud with ...

Finally…an in-person school speech!

First in-person school presentation in a few years. So nice to talk to students again. They ask such great questions. After learning about Germany’s efforts to face its history, one 8th grader asked me, “What can America do to atone for its national crimes?” Thank you Erin Wengerhoff for organizing! Always enjoy my visits to Algonquin Middle School - Des Plaines.

“Best Books about Making Good Trouble”

I had a wonderful time coming up with this list:

USA Today editorial on ‘opposing perspectives’ on the Holocaust