Biking and Blogging

  • December 11, 2009
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This week, Chicago was blanketed in snow. That put an end to my daily bike rides. I fear my blogging is at risk.

Most writing ideas strike me while I’m riding. That’s not surprising, given the research that exercise enhances creative thought. For me, biking is a way to stoke my brain. I’m often asked, why not use a stationary bike? Not the same. The combination of exercise and nature feeds me.bird_watcher_CoolClips_cart1070

Ideas also strike me while I’m driving, walking, even showering, but not with the same frequency or intensity. That’s why I am the last biker off the path in December and the first one out in March…maybe even February.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping all my birds don’t fly south. (See “Birding and Blogging” below.)

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