Another remarkable photo from my mother’s old album!

  • August 24, 2022
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Another remarkable photo find in my mother’s old album! This one shows Mom’s sister, Betty, who took mandolin lessons with a group of boys . When the Nazis came to power, her teacher terminated her lessons.

Here’s how I described the experience in IS IT NIGHT OR DAY?

“But now, suddenly, we were filth, Jews polluting the village. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws cut us off completely, and after living in our town for more than two hundred years, the Westerfelds were no longer citizens. We couldn’t vote, couldn’t go to the theater or concerts or restaurants. We were still tolerated in the public school, but there were no more music lessons for Betty and me; Mr. Klaus, our mandolin teacher, told my father that even though Betty showed talent and he would have liked to work with her, he was not allowed to teach Jews anymore. Worse than that, Vati couldn’t open his shop’s doors to sell feed and supplies to the farmers.”

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