A young Ohio reader's reaction to 'Night or Day'

  • January 27, 2012
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Dear Fern Schumer Chapman,

Olmsted Falls Middle School, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

When I started reading Is it Night or Day?, I really didn’t care about World War II. After about a quarter into the book, I felt as if I was living with Edith and the things that happened to her. I can relate to Edith in many ways.

Edith had many outstanding qualities that I liked. The one thing I admire most about her was she was very strong throughout the book. Also, she was independent. Your writing about how independent she was really helped me out with tough times with family and friends and relationships.

Edith had some experiences that many girls at my age (13) can relate to. For example, when Edith sees that boy she liked from the boat, Julius, she feels sad and angry and definitely confused. But every girl at some point feels that way. I felt the exact same way while I was reading this book.

Your book really talked to me. Everything that happened to Edith is so realistic and exciting – and sad. But reading Is it Night or Day? made me want to read more books! Especially realistic fiction. I can never stop reading your book or other realistic/ non-fiction books.

Your book inspired me to read more and to read about more important things that have happened in history. This is such a relateable book, which I think is better than all fiction. Since it’s relateable to more and more people, I will recommend it to others to read.

Cathy Drury

8th grade Olmsted Falls Student

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