Stumbling on History


Through text and graphics, this Junior Library Guild selection chronicles the author and her mother’s return to Germany for the installation of a memorial for their family.

Stumbling on History. An Art Project Compels A Small German Town To Face Its Past Edith Westerfeld, an 89-year-old Holocaust refugee, wonders if stumbling_coverthe memory of the Nazis murdering her parents, along with millions if other victims, will outlive the survivors. Now — 76 years after Edith’s parents saved their daughter’s life by sending her, alone and terrified, to America — she returns to the small German town where her family had lived for hundreds of years. Invited to witness the installation of a memorial to her family — part of an effort throughout Europe to confront the genocide of World War II — she experiences how art is helping today’s generation face and atone for crimes of the past.

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  • The Junior Library Guild has selected Stumbling on History as an August 2017 title.