Jun 29 2019

The Unwanted: My Mother (Five stars) The Unwanted is my family story, too. I have come to know the people in my mother's small town in Germany -- Stockstadt am Rhein -- where our family lived for over 200 years. My mother and her sister escaped Germany, but the Nazis murdered my grandparents. Families of both victims and perpetrators continue to wrestle with the legacy of the Holocaust. I've written about this subject ...
Jun 25 2019

The Storks!

When my mother was a little girl living in Stockstadt, Germany in the 1930s, storks made their large nest in the bell tower of the old Rathaus. My mother remembers that she could recognize each bird and she would name them. When the weather turned cold, the birds would migrate to Africa to have their own babies. Every spring, she would wait for her "friends" to return. On the first ...
May 25 2019

Hugs and flowers from a 5th grader

Marking the end of a year of wonderful school visits, fifth graders at Oak Ridge Elementary School present roses to my mother and me.
May 10 2019

Blogger details school visit to Century Middle School in Orland Park
Apr 16 2019

Love hearing from students!

Just received this beautiful thank-you note from Chatham High School students in Chatham, NY. After they read STUMBLING ON HISTORY, I SKYPED with them last month. They showed me their projects of atonement for our national crimes. Very moving!
Feb 19 2019

Association of Jewish Libraries reviews THREE STARS IN THE NIGHT SKY

Chapman, Fern Schumer. Three Stars in the Night Sky: A Refugee Family’s Odyssey of Separation and Reunion. Illus. by Tom Greensfelder. Lake Bluff: Gussie Rose Press, 2018. 54 pp. $17.99. (9780996472548). Gr. 7-12. The author shares the biography of Gerda Katz, who fled Nazi Germany at the age of 12 and came to America by herself. Like the author’s mother, who befriended Gerda on the boat to America with the One Thousand Children ...
Jan 27 2019

Daily Herald covers school visit to Hannah Beardsley Middle School in Crystal Lake, IL
Jan 23 2019

FSC presents at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock IL

Last Thursday, as part of the Woodstock Fine Arts Association Creative Living Series, award-winning author Fern Schumer Chapman captivated the audience with an inspiring presentation. Fern shared the emotional story of her mother, Edith Westerfeld, who painfully fled Nazi Germany in 1938 and journeyed to America as an unaccompanied minor refugee. Fern then described Edith’s return to her small German hometown in 2014 to witness the installation of a memorial ...
Jan 19 2019

Northwest Herald covers upcoming speech for Woodstock Fine Arts Association at Woodstock Opera House
Dec 12 2018

Chicago Tribune reports on author’s school visit
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