Is It Night Or Day?

SKYPE with 7th graders

Living with her past

Students have changed my mother. At school speeches, they have listened to her story of fleeing Nazi Germany at 12 all by herself. They have asked her tough questions: What did you do? Why do you blame yourself? How could you think your parents didn't love you? They have born witness and have helped her to live more comfortably with her past.

Chicago Tribune reports on author’s school visit

Great to visit with Deerfield High School students who read IS IT NIGHT OR DAY?

Presentation at Deerfield High School. Students read IS IT NIGHT OR DAY? and we discussed how the book resonates with today's issues -- restrictive immigration, unaccompanied minors, and anti-Semitism. Thanks to English teacher Stephanie Martin for organizing the event.

CNN poll finds one-third of Europeans know little about Holocaust

Scholastic offers IS IT NIGHT OR DAY? for only $4

Scholastic is offering $4 copies of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY? in the October YA Teens newsletter! It's listed under "Want To Know More About WWII?"…/dw87071abd/categories/4_2/4_…

WGTB’s Greg Berg interviews FSC for one hour of his Morning Show

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 8-10 a.m. A one-hour radio interview on WGTB Morning Show with Greg Berg. He interviews FSC about all three of her books. The show will be archived at this link:

Finding her voice…

  After decades of silence about her family history, Edith, at 90, tells her story at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center of coming to America alone as a 12-year-old girl. This year, she decided to become a docent at the Skokie, IL museum.
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