A remarkable experience at Glenside Middle School!

  A student creates a paper stumbling stone to remember a Holocaust victim and teacher actually knew the man she memorialized!

BBC-Wales explores sibling estrangement and the Royals divide

Price Harry's memoir, Spare, has sparked interest in sibling estrangement. Here, BBC-Wales addresses the subject and also explores the rarely discussed topic of estrangement due to religious differences. #siblings #estrangement #royals #cutout #alienation #silenttreatment #family #familydynamics

Former Jewish homes in Germany: “I felt like a thief!”

Most homes in Germany are handed down from one generation to the next. My mother’s family, the Westerfelds, had built their house in Stockstadt am Rhein in 1721, and they lived in it for 200 years. In 1939, when my grandparents were desperate for money, one of the town’s prominent Nazis pressured the family into selling the Westerfeld home for next to nothing. Eventually, the home was handed down to ...

Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir spotlights sibling bullying

In his new memoir, Spare, Prince Harry reveals a pattern of behavior during his youth in which his brother, Prince William, routinely ignored, rejected, or bullied Zuiderpark, Den Haag. 09 mei 2019Prins Harry stapte de Invictus Games 2020 officieel af. Vanaf nu, over een jaar mei 2020 zijn de Invictus Games 2020 in het Zuiderpark te Den Haag en Eindhoven.Foto: Boogschieten is helemaal niet moeilijk, Prins Harry kan het ook! ...

So many families are living with estrangement

New blog post explores the reasons why so many are estranged. * Recent polls show that roughly a fourth of those surveyed are not speaking to a member of their family. * The family is undergoing some of the most rapid changes in history, and that has contributed to estrangements. * A poll in October 2022 found that nearly one in five voters report that politics upset their friendships ...

Author featured in HuffPost article about family estrangement and politics

“A blunt social media post, a slip on the family text thread, a careless remark during a holiday celebration — the smallest offense can shatter a sibling bond made brittle by intense political partisanship.” - FERN SCHUMER CHAPMAN, AUTHOR OF “BROTHERS, SISTERS, STRANGERS: SIBLING ESTRANGEMENT AND THE ROAD TO RECONCILIATION"

USAToday article on sibling estrangement quotes author

Female prisoners react to my memoir, MOTHERLAND

A Wisconsin women’s prison selected my memoir, MOTHERLAND, for its book club, and then invited me to speak to readers. The women related to my mother’s story in a way I never could have predicted. My grandparents sent my 12-year-old mother as an unaccompanied minor from Nazi Germany to America to save her life in 1938. My grandparents never explained to my mother why they felt they had to take ...

The Anguish of Not Knowing Why A Sibling Cuts You Off

Without understanding the reason for a cutoff, shunned siblings feel their reality and emotions are invalidated. They are rendered voiceless. #silenttreatment #silence #siblings #family #cutout

Message in a Box!

On one of our visits to the small German town my mother fled as an unaccompanied minor in 1938, a woman my mother hardly remembered asked that we visit her in her nursing home. My mother wasn’t interested, but the woman insisted, saying she had something she absolutely had to give to my mother. Finally, we stopped by her home, and she presented Mom with this box. “Before your mother ...